Shark Toof

Shark Toof

Shark Toof is best known internationally for his iconic wheat paste image of a hand drawn shark with TOOF in the mouth. Although the shark’s reputation is often fearsome, Toof uses the image instead to give strength, optimism, and possibility to the viewer. His use of expressive, layered strokes and contrasting colors allows the onlooker to seek their own expression and inner voice. The shark icon is a voice of rebellion, a conduit for the unheard, and an homage to graffiti art and its purpose.

His ever evolving cache of work includes Guilty Pleasures, a series of iconographic cigarette packs and slot machines, the pulp-comic inspired Mayday series of idealized romance, and pop culture caricature shark heads featured in his most recent solo show, I’m Shark Toof, Who The Hell Are You? at Innerstate Gallery. Symbiotically, with attention to juxtaposition of shapes, line quality, composition, and tension of content, Shark Toof’s fine art paintings become an intimate look onto ourselves, questioning our belief systems of romance and nature.

Shark Toof’s work is recognized and collected globally, from the young graffiti artist who craves the icon he must rip from the streets to the contemporary art collector who covets the renowned artist’s full repertoire. With roots deep in graffiti and an education from Art Center, Shark Toof possesses the technical skills of an Old Master and the spirit of an art-minded vandal, granting him the ability to move seamlessly between styles.

His most recent accomplishments include a second showing at the Chinese American Museum where he is part of their permanent collection, a show with The Everhart Museum in Pennsylvania, and two 100 foot murals located in Los Angeles and Miami. Shark Toof’s murals have become internationally recognized through media such as Lebron James’ commercial for Samsung’s Galaxy Note II and Apple’s newest iPad commercial.

Shark Toof lives and works in Los Angeles.