RFK Mural Festival

RFK Mural Festival



Official Press Release:


Branded Arts is excited to announce its latest project, the Robert F. Kennedy Mural Festival. 30 artists have been commissioned to paint a series of murals throughout the Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools during a one-week span from May 23 – 27, 2016.

In a desire to promote arts in school, these projects also aim to send an inspirational and positive message to kids ranging from kindergarten to the 12th grade. Not only will murals be painted throughout the week, but the Paul Schrade Library will be transformed into a gallery exhibition space featuring work from over 30 artists, as well as artwork from the students.

Built on the site of the former Ambassador Hotel, RFK Community Schools honors its historical significance as the site of not only six autonomous pilot schools, but also as the site of the 1968 assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. To honor the US Senator and his legacy, the school adopted his namesake and commissioned two Judith Baca murals in addition to preserving the original architecture of the Cocoanut Grove Theater. The school was built as a modern interpretation of the original Ambassador Hotel, maintaining elements of the original structure and celebrating its star-studded yet somber history. Local history, art, and education have come together to create a space of diversity, creativity, innovation, and social justice – all social elements that RFK Community Schools seeks to foster.

The RFK Mural festival continues to facilitate the importance of art in educational systems, hosting student and public engagement projects throughout its week-long run. Students will be involved with mural production through workshops and seminars hosted by participating artists, and exhibit their artwork alongside the likes of Tim Biskup, D*Face and Erik Jones in the Paul Schrade Library Gallery. There will be opportunities to attend lecture and panel discussions, film screenings, and guided tours of the newly created on-site murals including a 40-foot high portrait of Robert F. Kennedy by Shepard Fairey.

Featuring Artwork by:

Andrew Hem
Baker’s Son
Beau Stanton
Brandy Alexander
Charlie Edmiston
Clinton Bopp
Colette Miller
Dallas Clayton
David Flores
Greg Mike
James Bullough
James Haunt
Jeff Soto
Jonas Never
Jose Maradiaga-Andrade
Josh Everhorn
Kenny Scharf
Paige Smith
Rob Hill
Sam Flores
Shepard Fairey
UR New York
Woes Martin
Yoskay Yamamoto


Warren Brand
Jackson Lipps
Josh Everhorn
Boomer Welles
Jack McCowan
Jose Maradiaga-Andrade
Jeremy Robles
Jaimie Hackney
Erin Darling
Nina Galardi
Augustin Kim
Katie Zapatka
Luis Valle
Rob Hill
Aileen Wang
Yi-Lin Wu
Clinton Bopp
Elan Shevah
Grayson Sykes

Nicholas Albert

John Leeson
Tamara Arroba
Zane Meyer
Cory Ring
Derek Hackett
Landon Taylor
Ronald Weaver
Jay Kantor
Matt Whitaker
Bryan Mier
Jeremy Robles

Daniel W. Bagby, Principal Ambassador School of Global Education
Susan S. Canjura, Principal
Los Angeles High School of the Arts
Eftihia Danellis, Principal
School for the Visual Arts and Humanities
Leyda W. Garcia, Principal UCLA Community Schools
Gregory D. Jackson, Principal Ambassador School of Global Leadership
Rosario Kurlander
School Business and Operations Manager
Charles D. Smith, Principal New Open World Academy

Brandy Alexander NOW Academy
Rafael Ayala, LAHSA Elise Chung
Russel G. Doherty, ASGL Yee Eng
Arturo Garay, Educare
Eric Garcia, SVAH
Rick Green, ASGL
Mel Horan, SVAH
Queena Kim, UCLA Community School, AP
Jeff La Haie, UCLA Community School, AP
Brenda Lara, NOW Academy, AP
Nathalie Lazo
Christine Lewis, NOW Academy
Grace Lim Maddox, UCLA Community School
Ryoko Matsui, NOW Academy
Justice O’Neil, NOW Academy
Xavier Ortiz, NOW Academy, AP
Manuel Chan Pool, Educare
Katy Reiter
Robert Selander, LAHSA
Araceli Silva, Now Academy, AP
Annie Simons, LAHSA
Janet Yoo, SVAH
JessieAnna Martinez-Wilton, LAHSA
Niki Gardner

Roberto Antonio Martinez Local District Superintendent
Eugene Hernandez Administrator of Operations
Natividad Rozsa Administrator of Instruction
Hugo Carlos Instructional Director
Julie Gonzalez Instructional Director
Ismael Berver
Administrator of Parent and Community Education
Russell Copley
K-12 Arts Integration Specialist
Amalia “Gabby” Rivas Financial Manager

Local District Central, Los Angeles Unified School District
Behr Paint
Sugar Artists Acrylic
Thinkspace Gallery
Home Depot
Get Lit – Words Ignite
Los Angeles Times
Rebel 8
Hijinx Artist Management and PR
The Music Center
Barnsdall Arts
UniverSoul Hip Hop
Sweet Beats
The Joyce and Stanley Black Family Foundation Steve Taub
Ranjana Khan
Sinan Uzan
Howard Krom
LAUSD Board Member Monica Garcia
LAUSD Local District Central Superintendent Roberto Martinez

And a very special thank you to all of the wonderful students and volunteers at Robert F Kennedy Community Schools!