“Maya’s Court” Branded Arts Holiday Gift 2021 – Featured Artist: Rob Hill

NFT Step by Step Guide


To collect the NFT you will need a free MetaMask wallet (

and a free OpenSea Account (

*This item is part of an invite-only promotion

Step 1.

Open a new window and download the MetaMask Wallet – Chrome Extension on your desktop or on the app store from your mobile device. We highly recommend operating on Google Chrome.


Step 2.

Follow the instructions to set up your account on

Remember to always save all pertinent log-in info, especially the “seed phrase”.

This “seed phrase” should be written down on paper and kept for safekeeping. If this combination of phrases is lost, your account will not be recoverable.


Step 3.

Open a new window and create an account on

This will automatically launch your MetaMask Chrome Extension. Follow the steps listed and create your profile. Your account is based on your MetaMask account, therefore making changes in OpenSea will prompt an electronic signature pop-up where you will need to confirm any and all transactions in the MetaMask extension.


Step 4.

Please send your MetaMask Wallet address code to Your address code will be about 40 digits long. You can easily copy and paste it.


Step 5.

The NFT will then be gifted to you at no cost. It will arrive in the “hidden tab” located on the main page of your profile. Navigate to this tab and you will see the NFT. Then click the three-dot icon in the bottom left corner of the NFT thumbnail image & select “Unhide”. The NFT will now be visible in the “Collected” section of your OpenSea account & visible to the world!


Step 6.

You did it, welcome to the NFT experience! If you have any additional questions please email us at


Thank you again! – The Branded Arts Team