Clinton Bopp

Clinton Bopp

Artist Clinton Bopp was born and raised in the town of Lower Hutt, New Zealand to an American father and New Zealand mother. Bopp arrived in Los Angeles in 1998 to follow his artistic muse.

Not limited by any definition of an “artist” as such, Clinton Bopp’s work is deeply inspired by people, their cultures, the surroundings he experiences at any given time. Whether its’ the energy of the cities or the nature around him all of life and its’ heartbeat influences his art. 

Bopp, who is a painter, muralist, stone and wood carver, sculptor, fabric designer, ceramicist, jewelry designer, set designer, restorer, and teacher among other talents is committed to revealing the profound inter-connectedness of people and the world around him through his art. 

Employing these myriad of skills, Bopp’s art reflects the amalgamation and influence of his complex history; his roots in nature, the Maori influences from his native land, the deep respect he holds for the unknowable aspect of the universe as well as the urban soul within him that he discovered after moving to America. 

All of Bopp’s work now is stamped with an eye to the “Street.” In his current collection Bopp is examining what he calls ‘Global citizens’-the celebration of our cultural differences but through a lens that essentially reveals we are all apart of this one world. We are all human beings. 
The elements Bopp employs often have political or social observations that reflect this time we are all in. 

Bopp’s desire is to have his work, no matter the medium, build on a multi layered narrative that is both mystic and literal, expressed and unexpressed. 

Bopp works in acrylic and spray paint as well as oil paint, and is known to paint on any surface. This includes recycled canvas that’s (perhaps) been abandoned, or wood from old houses that’s being demolished and palettes found on the street, walls, shoes, furniture and so on. With his sculptures he works with metal, stone, wood and clay.

In addition to his wide array of paintings, sculptures, murals, Bopp has exhibited in both public spaces and private collections. Bopp has worked to create and establish basic art programs in charities and orphanages overseas in India, Nepal, and is currently working with Creative Visions-The Dan Eldon Foundation (Los Angeles) to bring this work to an orphanage and school in Kenya. Bopp has taught art throughout Los Angeles in both public and private schools to children from 4 years old up to teens with the hope of inspiring them to express their inner artistry. 

Clinton Bopp is an artist who is uniquely 21st century. In a digital age but with the skills of a renaissance artist he is bridging the gap across cultures and across the ages.